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Squash - Super Handball -

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Earn as many sets as you can in this squash match! The rules of the game are simple: you have to launch the ball to the wall and avoid it to bounce twice on the ground before you hit it again; also you have to hit it before it reaches the back wall. You only earn points when you have the service: if you win a game when your opponent has the service, what you earn is the right to serve. In this version you can use the shadow of the ball on the ground to know where it will bounce, and use your own shadow combined with the one from the ball to deduce your best position. The computer will play better as you progress in the game, so try to always improve the precision and variety of your shots: you can always set their power and direction. If a power-up is visible in the field you should go and take it: it can give you extra power, extra speed or the abbility to shot a ball that bounces very fast and strong.
Move the mouse to move your player; keep pressed the left mouse button to prepare the shot and release it to shoot (the more time you press, the more power the shot will have). If you press the arrow keys left or right during the shot, it will be sent in these directions respectively.


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