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Help Goofy to manage the kitchen of the House of Mouse. To prepare and serve the right plate requires skill, energy and a remarkable memory. Good luck! You have to complete a certain amount of dishes within a time limit to be able to pass to the next level. The amount of dishes you have to serve, and the ingredients required for each one, will grow as you reach more advanced levels. In the first one, very easy, it's enough to serve 10 dishes and the recipes never require more than 3 or 4 steps.
To prepare and serve the right plate to the right customer, you have to fulfill 3 tasks: 1) at the kitchen area, a memory game: on the top right corner there is a carousel that tells you what food you should prepare for each customer; 2) the trays and oven will shine in a sequence that you have to remember: later you'll have to click each one in the same order. Every time you click correctly, you'll see Goofy placing the corresponding item on the dish placed in front of him. 3) If you completed the sequence correctly, the dish will be ready; if not, then you go back to the sequences, as many times as necessary, until you are able to remember it entirely to reproduce it properly. Have in mind that each tray only can have 5 services; when a tray is empty, click at the refrigerator: a popup menu with 6 trays will show, and you have to click at the tray that you need to fill. On its side, the oven is never empty!

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