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The Storks are overloaded with work. Help them to fulfill all orders and deliver the newborn babies to their parents in a timely manner! You have to activate the different parts of the children packing machine, so the packages are ready with enough quality and frequency to keep satisfied all the parents in the world. Remember that if you send children simultaneously you eran more points; and have in mind that while a kid is advancing in the packing chain, the next will be already ordered.
The game will guide you to learn to use the complete chain packing. The slot-like machine at the beginning of the chain has a sex indicator (you see a baby boy or a baby girl); the stork has to pull the lever at the right time, according to the parents requirements (that you can see at the top part of the machine, as the text BOY or GIRL); if the parents asked for a boy, you should pull the lever when the image of the baby boy is shining, or the converse for the girl. When the babies come from the machine, you first click at them to avoid them falling, then you prepare them to meet their parents, in this way: click at the toy and click at the baby that will receive it; when the baby is hungry, click on the machine that prepares food, and when it's ready click on the bottle and then in the baby that will receive it. If the baby becomes dirty he will cry, in this case click on the third machine to take a towel, then click on the baby to clean him, and then on the trash to throw the towel; then click and drag the baby to the bathtub or to the bed (depending on his requirement); when the baby is sleeping he's ready to go with his parents: click to put him again on the production line and wait to be packaged: when the package is ready, you have to send it to the exterior decking, with a click on the red button of the machine that is at the end of the chain.


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