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Penguin Diner -

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Help Penny the penguin to serve all her clients in her polar restaurant. Serve them fast to keep them happy and get a good tip. Between levels you can buy upgrades at the shop, like: faster skates to improve your delivery efficiency; bigger TVs to improve the customer's patience; more comfortable chairs, with the same goal.
When a customer arrives, proceed as follows: 1) make him sit at the table (click on the penguin, then on the table); 2) take his order (he will raise his hand to call you, then you click him to get the order); 3) you serve him (when the dish is ready on the bar, click it and then click the customer to deliver it; you can bring up to 2 dishes at once, to save time). If a customer leaves angry and so you cannot deliver his dish, you can throw it to the trash can.

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