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Barbie Burgers -

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Barbie prepares hamburgers for his boyfriend Ken. Help hem to do it step by step, from cutting meat to the moment when it's ready for the final evaluation.
You first cut the meat (to do it just move the mouse to move the knife over the dots); then you grind and tamp the meat (also moving the mouse); then you apply the circular mold to shape the burgers (mouse click). You can consider them cooked when the cook-meter is green (click over them to turn them); click the tomatoes to peel them, then cut them using the mixer (moving the mouse); click to peel the garlic, then cut it with the knife by moving the mouse pointer over the green dots. Then you do the same with the pimento. In a second stage you work on the burner: you have to light it, put the pan, put the oil, etc., step by step (some brief explanatory texts will guide you). Ken will interrupt you all the time because he wants to kiss you, you can get rid of him by clicking on his mouth. Drag every item with the mouse to the burner, at the right time and in the right order. In the following stage, you proceed with the onion and the cheese (as always, with clicks and mouse movements), then you cut the bread and prepare the burgers, always with a click when the white mark passes over the green stripe at the bottom indicator.


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