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In this complex baby care game, you start with a single baby but you can finish as the owner of the major Kindergarten of the city! The level of happiness
Click to start playing. When a baby arrives, click on him and drag him to an empty space in the room (for example, the carpet). When the baby has a need to be satisfied (for example, he needs a diapering), click on the baby and then click on the diaper to change it; or if he asks for food, click on the cooking machine, then click on the food when it's ready and click on the baby to deliver it. You have 4 assistants and many shops, where you can buy new tools and upgrades for your kindergarten and hire assistants, if you have enough money: you do everything interacting with mouse clicks. You also can use the P key to pause, H key to read the help and space bar to call the clown.

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